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We already work very hard toward gender equality, but we'd like, and we need, to do much more - there's certainly a huge amount TO do. But achieving that takes resources.

So here's an idea...

Employers seen to be promoting gender equality through sponsoring organisations active in this, such as BPW, stand to attract the best and brightest upcoming female talent around.

Recruiting real ability is getting harder in a shrinking, increasingly demanding pool. Giving your organisation an edge like this can really help your recruitment success in this much-sought-after group.
If your organisation is seeking to attract this key talent pool, we can help. We can offer a number of carefully-targeted promotional packages putting you squarely in their sights, such as promotion on the YoungBPW page (where the talent you're looking for will go first), a banner and/or advertorial on our Sponsors page, publicity materials at our events and Congress, and more. And if you'd like to really promote your brand's support of gender equality front-and-centre in front of this essential talent, we can offer a great event sponsorship package.

Why not just tell us what you have in mind, or just ask to chat over, on the short form below? We'll be back to you just as soon as we can.

We hope you'll agree that this is a great way to reach out to the great upcoming talent you need, and look forward to working with you!

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We are delighted that you would like to support BPW - we really, really appreciate it. Please ask if you would like details of the sponsorship opportunities.

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