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Our Action Areas

BPWUK Action Areas represent the main priorities for the organisation with activities typically including workshops and other events combined with online discussion groups.

The four Action Areas are:

Equal Pay

BPW UK supports the aims of BPW International to “work towards reducing the damaging and substantial income gap between men and women” by making an annual Equal Pay Day in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Forty years after the Equal Pay Act (1970), women living in the United Kingdom still face a pay gap which is one of the highest in Europe. If you don't think that's right, why not work with us to overcome it?

Women on Boards

BPW UK supports the implementation of moves to increase the number of women within the board room and to urge companies to give their head hunters a target percentage of women to be included on their short lists for recruitment for Executive Directors.

If you'd like to see fairer representation of women on the Boards of UK companies, here's how to help.

Women in Public Life

Women make up only 32% of MPs and 26% of the Cabinet. Just 33% of Councillors are women, and women make up just 17% of council leaders43% of the 5,000 appointments on public bodies are women, as are 22% of high court judges and 34% of senior positions in national daily newspapers.

Women aren't represented fully in public life, so the decisions affecting us don't fully reflect our needs. But we fully intend to get there, and you can help us.

Gender Friendly Employers

The Women's Empowerment Principles, launched by the UN in 2010, have resulted in over 1,000 CEOs from around the world signing the CEO Statement of Support for the WEPs, signaling their support for gender equality and for the guidance provided by the Principles. BPWUK encourages UK businesses to sign-up to the WEPS and provide properly level playing fields for employees irrespective of gender.

If you'd like to see fairness of opportunity for all, why not help by joining BPWUK or by supporting us?