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BPWUK Working Groups

Stuff happens better, faster, when a dedicated and enthusiastic team work on it. Because we have so many things going on, we've set up a number of Working Groups, each of which reports to one of the Officers on the FEC, to work on strategy or deliverables for their topic.

The current Working Groups are below - there's something here for (almost) everyone, so don't be shy - like every Working Group in history, ours too will be delighted to welcome more enthusiasts to help!

Many Members join BPW to make a difference to something important; these Groups are a great way to do so.

Action: steers our Lobbying work and Action Groups and maintains our Mandate to further our aims.

Conference: this group works hard to ensure that our great annual event, stays great!

Environment/Horticulture: monitors developments in our environment of interest to women. Like this.

Finance: monitors financial aspects of concern to women.

Governance: how we work and are structured to best meet modern women's needs.

Health & social care: ensures the proper focus on our health & social care activities.

International: promotes our role in BPW Europe and BPW International.

Law: monitors legislative developments of concern to women.

Marketing, public relations & social media: works to market & promote BPWUK.

Personal development: helping Members to develop themselves, personally and professionally within BPWUK.

STEM - promoting women's roles and education in science, technology, engineering & mathematics.

VAWG - monitoring local and national action to counter violence against women & girls.

YoungBPW: contributes nationally and internationally to arranging events and promotion for YoungBPW.