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BPWUK Memberships

We have two types of Membership, depending where on your career trajectory you are: Standard, and Student.

Both types of Members are individual voting members of BPWUK - unlike many organisations, being a student or apprentice with us isn't "second-best".

While BPWUK is increasingly online many Members are also linked to a regional Area, opening up a range of regional events and get-togethers.

We have 5 areas: London Anglia South East (LASE), Northern Ireland (NI), North West and Midlands (NW/MI), Southern England and Wales (SEW) and Scotland Yorkshire North East (SYNE).

However, remember - you ALSO belong to BPW Europe - and to the rest of the world...

Standard Membership is open to women:
  • actively involved in business or professional work
  • on a career break
  • in part-time study, or
  • using their business or professional expertise through voluntary work

And there's no upper age limit: members are welcome to remain in BPW for as long as they wish to support its aim and objectives. Plus we like having you around!

Standard membership is only £75 per year. Not a lot for the chance to change the world.

Student and Apprenticeship Membership is open to:
  • female students aged 18 or over in full time further or higher education, or
  • female apprentices aged 16 or over on an accredited apprenticeship scheme.
It's a great way to start making useful connections - and it's NEVER too early to network, especially with people who've been where you are (or where you're going) and can probably help!

Student membership is just £35 - so for the cost of a decent night out, you access a whole global community...

So... Interested in making that difference? Then you really should go here next!
Or if you like what we do and want to help us to make that difference, without actually joining (for example if you're a corporate or SME who'd like to help) then our Support page offers you or your organisation avenues to do so - and thanks for your support!
We look forward to meeting you!