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Lobbying & our Mandate

BPWUK is driven and steered by our Members, especially in the lobbying we undertake with the Government.

Motions for lobbying action are proposed to our Annual General Meeting, held at our annual Conference, where if a motion receives sufficient votes in favour it becomes part of our Mandate. Here's what's currently in progress - but if you feel strongly about something which you think other women will also support, come and join us and put your own Big Idea forward!

Here's some we made earlier...

The Preservation of a Sustainable Living and Working Countryside

Business and Professional Women UK Limited* urges Her Majesty's Government to set up, without delay, a National Strategy Group, under an independent chair, which would work across political boundaries ...[more]
"Limited" reflects the legal status of the Organisation when the Mandate was agreed and is part of the legal wording of the Mandate

Bond to be paid by
Insurance Providers   

Business and Professional Women UK Limited urges Her Majesty’s Government to pursue the levy of a bond to be paid by insurance providers of business and commercial policies when they register their business to be used to reimburse insurance policy holders if the company goes into liquidation.


Business and Professional Women UK Limited urges Her Majesty’s Government to review the income tax and benefits system in order to remove barriers which currently make it difficult for carers to balance paid employment with their caring responsibilities.


The four policies in this area relate to the following:

  - Representation on delegations
  - UNESCO Membership
  - Human Rights of Afghani Women
  - Post Conflict Reconstruction



We have nine mandates in this area, covering topics ranging from monitoring UN & WHO goals through to mental and reproductive health ...[more]

Representation on Panels and Committees

Business and Professional Women UK Limited urges Her Majesty's Government to ensure that both men and women are represented on all panels and committees, particularly when deliberating on highly gendered issues, i.e. those issues where the male and female perspective is likely to be different relative to the matter under consideration.


Policies here consider residential care, state pension entitlement, and personal pensions ...[more]

Action Areas

Currently the 4 Action Areas for BPWUK are:

  • Equal Pay
  • Women on Boards
  • Women in Public Life
  • Gender Friendly Employers

So what's YOUR Big Idea?

We'd love to hear it, and if we like it who knows how far it could go - the UN itself?
Joining BPW is a great way to get your big ideas out there!