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Recognition, Benefits & Awards

Membership of BPWUK allows members to participate in driving change - not just in the UK, but Europe- and world-wide.

Through BPW International’s consultative status with UN agencies, the European Women’s Lobby and other international networks you can find yourself connecting with people at levels and in positions most people never dream of meeting, and participating in debate and discussion with some of the politicians and policy-makers who will shape the world of tomorrow.

Most people wish they could change the world.

Joining BPWUK offers you a chance to actually do so.

As importantly, that connection and participation goes both ways. Your membership of BPWUK gives you a chance to gain recognition from serious people, in serious positions. So you're in awe of them? That can go both ways.

And that sort of recognition can build you bridges to places you never thought you'd go.

Benefits & Awards

Not every Member can afford to do what they really want to change the world, which is why BPWUK offers four ways to help:

The International Award

Presented every two years, this Award offers up to £1,000 to enable a member to either undertake an international research project relevant to BPW, or assist her to attend a relevant major UN conference such as CSW - the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.

The June O’Dell Award for Training

This annual grant of £500 enables a woman returner to re-train or update her skills to improve her employment potential or enhance her career prospects.

The Members’ Emergency Fund

This registered charity was established in 1940 to assist members in time of need, and is financed by annual voluntary donations from Members. Eligibility is at the discretion of the Trustees.

The Ruth Tomlinson Memorial Fund

This registered charity helps women and men with disabilities to acquire aids, such as computer equipment and software, which will enable them to seek work and lead independent lives.