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BPW International

BPWUK Membership automatically ALSO gives you Membership of BPW International.

 That's a global network of around 28,000 professional and business women like you, across 100 countries.

And THAT is a LOT of connections.

It's also a great way to transform your business travel experience.

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Business travel can be stressful, especially for women.
It doesn't have to.

Business travel can be pretty grim. But for a woman who's part of BPW International, it can instead be a great way to make new friends and professional connections, all over the world.

Extending from Iceland in the far North, down to Chile and New Zealand in the South, BPW truly is a global organisation.

Comprising 5 areas - Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and Latin America - Members and clubs are to be found (almost) everywhere - even the Cook Islands and Mongolia.

This fantastic network means that wherever your business travel takes you, there will often be a Member there to hook-up with who can advise on travel and the area, perhaps make introductions for other business, and who will often share a drink or meal and introduce you to more new contacts and new friends.

We all know business travel can be lonely, and most of us hate dining by ourselves. BPW can help you transform that solitary existence into lifelong personal and professional connections.

For a fuller picture of all the good things BPW does, why not take a few minutes to check out BPW Europe and BPW International?  We think you'll be inspired... and your business travel may never be the same again!