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A powerfully-connected business and professional women's organisation, our influence extends across Europe and beyond through our affiliation to BPW Europe, itself part of BPW International. Our global connections and professional network of friends and business partners allow us to make a real difference to women’s rights and issues, all the way up to United Nations level.

We work toward gender equality in all sectors of today’s society: education, pay, women's rights, respect, benefits, pensions and more, promoting women's empowerment from Director to apprentice. We do so through advocacy, lobbying and campaigning, events, and through collaboration with women to develop their skills and ability to make a difference themselves.

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Networking business women to change the world

BPW International's Category 1 Consultative Status with ECOSOC - the United Nations Economic and Social Council - gives us direct lobbying access to the UN. That presence is reinforced by BPW Europe's Participatory Status with the Council of Europe.

And as one of the 6 leading women's organizations in the UK - known as 6-O - we have access to influence Government policy through lobbying Parliament and other routes.

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New friends & new futures! Young BPWUK Members enjoy opportunities to network, travel and learn from each other, share experiences and knowledge, and network worldwide.

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Current initiatives include Equal Pay, Women on Boards, Gender Friendly Employers, Women in Public Life, STEM, education and more

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Europe & International

With some 28,000 Members worldwide across 95 countries in 5 continents, BPW International is a great way-in to connecting your business and your career.

Around 20,000 of these Members are in BPW Europe.

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